08 School F. A. Q.

Nothing in this FAQ should be considered as legal advice. It is simply our layman's interpretation of the Ohio Administrative Code.

What is an 08 school?
A school, which is not chartered or seeking a charter from the state board of education because of truly held religious beliefs, may be established in the State of Ohio. The statute that sets the standards for this type of school is found in the Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 3301-35-08. The correct classification for this type of school is 'non-chartered, non-tax supported school' More broadly, the 08 school is considered a private school.
Why is it called an 08 School?
From the section number that establishes these schools. Although mathematically there is no difference between 08 and 8, the common name for these schools retains the zero, reflecting the statute number.
How do you pronounce '08'?
Use any of the following: 'oh-eight', 'oh, wait', 'oh, weight', or 'oh ate'. In the context of a sentence , just say 'wait' quickly and it will sound perfect. Do not use the formal name for 0 (zero). Instead, use the older 'oh' that hearkens back to the days of the typewriter which required the use of the letter 'O' to represent the digit 0 (zero). Finally, because the name for the letter oh begins with a vowel, always use 'an' rather than 'a' when the indefinite article is required.
How do you start an 08 school?
Write a letter to all parents of students in your school and send a copy to the Ohio Department of Education. This letter must be sent at the beginning of each school year. The law requires that this letter contain certain information. In addition, your school must not be seeking a charter because of truly held religious beliefs.
Does an 08 school need a building?
Nothing in the code mentions that the school needs a building. If you do have a building, then it may be required to comply with fire and safety codes..
Can anyone start an 08 school?
Anyone may start an 08 school. The 08 schools have a special place in the educational system in the State of Ohio as they are not seeking a charter from the State due to religious beliefs. The school also needs to comply with the State standards as set forth in OAC 3301-35-08. The school must meet eight minimum requirements: school year, school day, pupil attendance, teacher and administrator qualifications, courses of study, pupil promotion, health and safety, and notify parents that they are not eligible for state money for transportation and are not entitled to auxiliary services.
Can homeschoolers join an 08 school?
Anyone can enroll in an 08 school, but once you enroll, you are a student in a non-public school.
What about notification and state-mandated testing?
Upon enrollment in an 08 school, parents of students under the age of eighteen are required to notify the treasurer of the board of education of the city, exempted village, or local school district in which the pupil resides. The law allows for the 08 school to notify the treasurer as a 'convenience' to the parents. This attendance  notification must contain the student's name, date of birth, and place of residence; nothing more is required. No other notification is required.
You forgot to answer the question about proficiency tests!
You should only ask one question at a time. The statewide achievement and graduation test mandates are described in ORC 3301-0710 and 3301.0711. These tests are "to be administered by city, local, exempted village, and joint vocational school districts." In addition, non-public schools, chartered by the state board of education, may not grant diplomas to individuals that do not attain the required scores on these exams. This statement is found in ORC 3313.61.2. Since an 08 school is not chartered, there is no obligation to use any of these tests and no restriction on issuing diplomas. Non-chartered, non tax-supported schools grant diplomas based on their own criteria, not those established by the State of Ohio.