Cookie Info

A cookie is a small file stored on your computer's disk that contains information related to your browsing activities. Every time a web page is loaded into your browser, the page designer can specify that some data be stored on your computer when the page loads. This data is then sent back to the remote site everytime you request a new page from that web area.

Rehoboth Academy uses cookies to remember information about your current browsing session on our website. This information is discarded when you close your browser. In particular, when you login, your user access data is stored in a cookie so we can protect the privacy of our members. The cookie restricts your access to your own member profile and student data. Other users cannot access this data.

Browsers allow users to disable the use of cookies. If your browser will not store cookie information, then you can only access the public areas of our website. You can enable cookies in IE by accessing Inernet Options from the View or Tools menu under the Internet Explorer title bar. Look for security settings and select the option to allow cookies to be stored. If you are using Netscape Navigator, the cookie settings are under Preferences on the Edit menu. Look under Advanced Settings.